Earth Day : 3 responsible brands

This year's Earth Day 2022 theme is "Invest in our planet", a call to governments, businesses and individuals to invest in a better future for the planet.
Thousands of actions are also being organised around the world.
To celebrate and support the event that encourages environmental protection, here is our selection of 3 responsible brands.


Every day Ganni works to focus on creating a responsible fashion industry. From the start, Ganni has tapped into an existing system of complex and opaque global supply chains to deliver an exciting product offering on a large scale. Today they have close relationships with their Tier 1 manufacturers who specialise in cutting and sewing.


Marine Serre embodies an eco-responsible and community-oriented way of working. She is always pushing the boundaries, going so far as to imagine a collection composed of 90% upcycled or regenerated clothing.


For Veja, no oil or plastic. Just recycled or organic materials. With its ethical production and ultra-trendy models, it's hard to resist. Sport sneakers are off the track. Once reserved for training sessions, they are now gaining in fashion desirability. And for good reason! Besides their vintage aura, they are incomparably comfortable.