Sarah Levy

An architecture graduate and design enthusiast, Sarah Levy worked in this field for ten years before making the move to fashion. After studying at the famous Belgian La Cambre arts college and winning a prize at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories in 2019, her creative mindset was quick to impress and intrigue. Soon spotted by fashion brands, she was invited by several labels to co-create their accessories. Like Ester Manas, Patou and Marine Serre, with whom an artistic dialogue is slowly being built over the seasons. With her eponymous label, the designer affectionately known as “the sociologist of accessories” is inspired by and plays with our daily habits, reinterpreting them in the form of fashion accessories. She dissects the gestures and movements that make up our everyday lives and reinvents them in the form of one-of-a-kind bags. Avant-garde, experimental and unexpected, Sarah Levy's aesthetic stands out and encourages reflection. One of the key pieces from her Habits collection, the Sleeve bag, can be found at Monnier Paris. Imagine a bomber jacket, the classic design that has spanned generations and styles, that has been dismantled to keep only one sleeve. Now imagine that sleeve adorned with inside and outside pockets. And there you have the Sleeve bag, a half-bag half-sleeve creation that can be worn over a plain tee or sweater. Equally surprising is the Chest bag, comprised of a fetish-style leather bra. A bold look to say the least, this new take on a bag is inspired by a gesture - the act of slipping money in your bra when you're out. Similarly inspired by the female body, the Tits bag consists of two pockets that are worn on the chest or waist, attached via a system of chains. Available in neutral colours, including brown and black, as well as more daring shades like the intoxicating fuchsia, Sarah Levy's designs are creative and socially responsible, too. All of the designer's accessories are made of upcycled leather from the finest French tanneries.

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